I am a certified yoga teacher, specializing in restorative and special needs yoga. I can guide you to connect with your body and find inner balance. Whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned practitioner, into gentle stretches or dynamic flows - let's meet on the mat. You can book a class using the form below.

Group yoga classes

Join weekend yoga classes online, from the comfort of your home.

  • Saturdays 10am → dynamic hatha/vinyasa flows, to give you a boost of positive energy for the day ahead.
  • Sundays 7pm → gentle hatha/yin stretches, to help you wind down before a good night's sleep.

These classes are donation-based. Times are UTC+1/CET.

Private yoga classes

I offer private classes 1:1 or for small groups, online and in Berlin.

In a private session you have my undivided attention: I tailor yoga sequences and meditations to your needs and goals, and guide you every step of the way.

A private class is ideal if:

  • You have limited mobility or special needs.
  • You are working towards a specific pose.
  • You are new to yoga, and want to learn the main poses at a slower pace.
  • You are an athlete, and need an integrative yoga and meditation practice.
  • You want to offer yoga classes at an event or as a corporate benefit.

Get in touch for more details.

My yoga journey

In 2013 I attended my first yoga class; in 2023 I taught my first class. The reason that led me to the first class both as a student and teacher (and to other spiritual experiences in-between) is the same: a desire to understand myself better, and ultimately to share the knowledge with others.

Over the years I've tried out many styles of yoga, but the ones I resonate with most are Ashtanga, Hatha, and Yin. Besides yoga, I've also practiced gymnastics, skiing, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, running, karate, and competitive kendo. All sports have taught me to listen to my body and discipline my mind, and made me realize that yoga and meditation are essential for improving performance.

I am continuously developing my yoga practice and teaching skills, so that I can better support and guide others.

  • 30h Restorative Yoga Teacher Training @ Yoga Renew
  • Workshop on Yoga for adults with cognitive disabilities by Gopi Jana @ Yoga Vidya
  • Workshop on Yoga for scoliosis by Helen Barsby @ Iyengar Yoga
  • 200h Yoga Teacher Training @ La Casa Shambala