I created the website you’re seeing now over two years ago, using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. For a start, I used the Beautiful Jekyll theme, but in time I edited it to match my personal style.

Creating a GitLab project

To keep organized, I use different branches branches:

  • main for everything - the branch of it all.
  • blog for blog posts (adding new ones, updating existing ones, and fixing typos).
  • content for website content (updating the about page and adding new projects).
  • design for design and frontend stuff (changing fonts and colors).
  • features for different features (adding Vale or a contact form).
  • pages for configuring GitLab pages for deploying the website.

Deploying Docusaurus with GitLab Pages

  1. In the project root directory, I created a new file gitlab-ci.yml.
  2. In the gitlab-ci.yml file, I used the following configuration:

     image: node:15.12-alpine3.13
         - deploy
         stage: deploy
             - npm install
             - npm run build
             - mv ./build ./public
                 - public
                 - main
    • only: main means that the script will run only for changes made in the main branch. If I wanted to run the pipeline for other branches, I’d add the names of the respective branches.
  3. In the docusaurus.config file,
  4. Access the page: https://aloci.gitlab.io/lc-docusaurus.